Racetracker is an eco system built on a scaleable platform for the future


Each rider is equipped with a custom made tracker, ensuring accurate and top data quality during a race. The tracker is built to last a full race with an 8 hour battery capacity.

GPS, Glonsaas & Galeleo

The signal is fetched and sent real time to the preffered positioning system with an accuracy down to 25cm – each second.

2g to 5g support

The trackers support world wide networks for all mobile signals, covering 2g to 5g support.

Handling the data

Built as an eco system, the Racetracker platform is the core in the solution processing the data from all sources.

Real time database

Trough a real time database all data is processed ready to scale for for hundred of thousands clients.

API first

Designed by developers, Racetracker is built to provide easy access APIS, making it easy to adapt and customize to other solutions.

Machine learning

Powered by a machine learning algoritm Racetracker cluster individual data into groups, even out biased data, predicts time differences, speed and distances.

The user experience

For our users we aim high to make the best user experience across all platforms.

iOS, Android & Web

Racetracker is built native for iOS, Android and Web for a broad reach and consitent user experience.

Race organizer admin

Build from the bottom to provide race organizers with the best tools available to manage and get overview and handle start lists, rider and stage info.