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Made by race organizers. For race organizers.

Racetracker is a tool for race organizers, teams, national federations and UCI to create digital revenue that the sport desperately needs.

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Racetracker will track all riders in the race, where they are, in which group they are sitting, where in the group they sit, timedifferences based on the group and on individual riders, how fast they go, race map with elevation view.

Pay per view

The business model of Racetracker is built on pay per view. For the audience, Racetracker will contribute with great utility, so great that there will be a need if you do not have the day's race or stage available. The model secures income from the public and the revenues will go back to the parties of the sport.

Give access

As a race organizer you will have access to a separate area adapted for operation and news updates directly to the public.

Get stats

Racetracker stores all race data and it will be possible to experience the race afterwards for analysis and discussion for evaluation or for use in the media.